Day 114: Petoskey Stones And The Original Kilwins


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We were up very late last night looking for Yooperlite stones (we found 1 really good one) and are very tired this morning. Our hotel doesn’t have coffee (???) and neither does anywhere else in Paradise. It’s a weird area. The hotel seems to have one lady running it, who is not there other than to meet us to check in. And the gas station has no attendant in the store, feel free to walk around and look, I hope you don’t want to buy anything. So, we’re going to drive to the next town over an hour away to get coffee and breakfast. We got coffee from McDonalds and sandwiches from Java Joe’s, St. Ignace, MI. Freshly made but overpriced. This seems to be a vacation area with fudge and ice cream shops all around.

AmericInn, Petoskey, MI. Fortunately for us, the staff here has kindly made up our room early so that we can have a much needed nap.

Price: $93/night.

Petoskey State Park, Petoskey, MI to look for Petoskey, MI stones. The Petoskey stone is fossilized pre-historic coral. Distinguishable by its unique exoskeleton structure, a Petoskey stone consists of tightly packed, six-sided corallites, which are the skeletons of the once-living coral polyps. The midges are out in full force in the parking lot but they aren’t quite as bad on the water’s edge. We found some!


We visited the Original Kilwins! We looove Kilwins and it all started here in Petosky, MI. The shop is huge and has a wall of glass windows where you can watch people working in the kitchen. You can also schedule free chocolate tours so that’s going to be top priority next time we come through here.


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