Day 112: Pasties and Painted Rocks


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Lakenenland Sculpture Garden, Marquette, MI. This 37 acre park includes a Sculpture Trail, a winding road through the woods featuring more than 100 whimsical, and sometimes commentary, sculptures created by the owner, Tom Lakenenland. There’s also a bog walk, entertainment stages, picnic area, access to the North Country Trail. and more and it’s open 24h/7 days a wee. I think it’s so cool that this man made this park available to the public for free. The sculptures are so well done, we had a great time.


The beaches between Marquette, MI and Munising, MI are sand with no rocks at all. On the other side of the road are forests and wetlands with camping and lodging. There’s a tiny town called Christmas with a casino.

We stopped for a Pastie lunch from Muldoon’s and got Death Wish coffee from the gas station up the road. I think this is my new favorite coffee.


Algers Falls is right in the road and is actually prettier from the road than if you get out to see it. Wagner Falls Scenic Site is about 1 minute away. There’s a short boardwalk to the falls.


Miner’s Beach to Elliot Falls, Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore, Munising, MI. This beach is a mix of beautiful sand and colorful round rocks.


We stopped at Hurricane River Beach at the Au Sable Lighthouse Trailhead to walk the beach. At the end are colorful cliffs. I finally understand why they call it Painted Rocks. We walked part of the North Trail which follows the coast along the cliffs. It’s beautiful through the woods, the birds are singing and forest smells amazing. It’s so uniquely beautiful here and I’m so glad we came here to experience it.


Beach Park Hotel, Grand Marais, MI. We’re right at the end of town in walking distance to the bay. The bed is super comfortable.

Price: $152/night

We went down to the lakeshore to watch the sunset over Lake Superior, the largest freshwater lake in the world, and look for Yooperlites with our new, more powerful UV light. There are so many people looking tonight! Their slow, head down, unrelenting progression down the beach has a zombie-like feel.

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