Day 111: You Should Visit the UP


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Sable Falls (0.6 mile total out and back, 101’ elevation), Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore, Burt Township, MI. The fall’s were just beautiful. We followed the bubbling stream all the way to the lake where we found a small beach at the bottom of the huge sand cliffs of the Grand Sable Dunes.


difficulty: 2.5

Grand Sable Dunes (0.4 miles) starts at the same trailhead as the falls. The dunes were so much more beautiful than I had realized from the pictures, with amazing views 360 degree views. For some reason no one else came out on the dunes so we had the whole area to ourselves.


difficulty: 2.5

Log Slide Overlook – This spot used to be used by loggers who could push their harvest over the edge and into the lake. We’ve seen this overlook on video but let me tell you, it’s so much steeper in person. I can’t imagine how anyone gets down that sand slide safely, let alone get back up it. If you’re careful, there are wonderful views of Sable Lighthouse one way and a huge sand peninsula the other.


So far the UP has far exceeded our expectations. We expected it to be similar to the ocean coasts down south or along Lake Ontario – overdeveloped with stuff everywhere. But it’s wild here with small, well cared for towns surrounded by changing forests, beautiful streams and waterfalls, sand dunes and rock filled beaches.


Miner’s Pasty Kitchen, Munising, MI. I got the vegan and Chris got the chicken. Mine was alright, very peppery. Chris said his was like a chicken pot pie with no sauce and a little bit heavy. This shop was run by a very nice lady who gave us paper plates to eat them on.


Miner’s Falls, Munising, MI (1.2 miles total out and back, 154’ elevation). Very pretty falls with rushing water and wildflowers lining the way. You can feel the spray from the overlook.


difficulty: 3

Miner’s Castle, Munising, MI (0.5 mile total out and back, 85’ elevation) A rock outcropping. The path takes you right to it and there’s a plaque showing how it used to be more castle-like before part of it collapsed.


Muldoon’s Pasties and Gifts, Marquette, MI. We decided to have a do-over and got a veggie and a blueberry pastie to split for dinner. They were so delicious, the pastry was perfect, we’ll definitely get them again.


Quality Inn, Marquette, MI. Marquette is a little bit of a surprise, coming from such small towns and nature. It’s very built up, but seems like a nice city.

Price: $115/night

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