Day 103: Walking Up A Waterfall


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We woke to a drenching rain. We had planned to do the Skyline Drive through the Shenandoah Mountains but the dense fog and rains hiding the views and making the $30 fee seem high. Instead we’re going to drive in the Blue Ridge Parkway starting from mile 0. This part of the parkway is new to us, too.

As we drove the rain stopped and the shifting fog offered glimpses of the mountains and farmland below. We decided to go for a walk at Dripping Rock Parking Area. Everything is so green with new leaves, wildflowers are blooming, birds are singing and the woods smell amazing.


Pink honeysuckle bushes are blooming at the Greenstone Trail (0.2 mile loop) at Greystone Overlook. This short but very pretty interpretation loop takes you around an outcropping of Catoctin Greenstone, a rock formed from a geologically ancient lava flow.


difficulty: 2

Humpback Rocks Trail (1.8 mile total out and back, 780’ elevation). This trail is steep and all up. The end part has stairs, stone steps and a lot of rock hopping. The recent rain created waterfalls on this part making this our first hike up a waterfall. At the top is a rock outcropping that I’m sure has beautiful views on a clear day. This hike was challenging and I felt quite accomplished after it.


difficulty: 8.8

Back to the hotel for a short, well earned nap.

Downtown Staunton, VA for a walk around town. We stopped at Clocktower Eats & Sweets to get dinner. It’s a restaurant and bar but they also have bakery goods and they look absolutely amazing, maybe some of the tastiest looking Italian style cookies I’ve ever seen. Dinner was amazing and we got a chocolate dipped cannoli for dessert.


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