Day 101: High Point Hopping


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Highest Point in Pennsylvania, Mount Davis, Elk Lick Township, PA. At 3213’ above sea level, this high point has a lookout tower that you can climb and informative plaques about the area. They’ve left the trees and stones around it, and given it a cozy, peaceful vibe.


Just down the road are Baughman ‘s Rocks which were fun to climb around. They’re named for the legend of Henry Baughman, an ill temper man, and his two sons were searching the fields for lost cows. The father became angry with his youngest son, August, and struck him with a stick, knocking him unconscious. Thinking his son was dead, Henry hid the body amongst what now called Baughman Rocks. Later, returning to the site, he could not find the body. On the testimony of his eldest son, Henry was tried, convicted and served a term for second degree murder. What happened to August remains a mystery to this day. I don’t know why you’d want to name a place for a murderer but there it is…


Driving to our next destination we found a road that would take us to the base of one of the Wind Turbines that dot the ridges here. It’s so massive it’s almost intimidating. It was cool to hear it and see it turn to follow the wind.

Hoye-Crest is a summit along Backbone Mountain, Maryland. (2.0 mile total out and back, 672’ elevation). It is the highest natural point in Maryland at an elevation of 3,360’. It’s a steady uphill climb on an old logging road to the high point. There were good views of the surrounding farmland and a picnic table to relax and enjoy it from. We signed the register – if you see our names in it let us know!


difficulty: 6.5

We stopped to walk around the very cute town of Thomas, WV and got a pizza from Riverfront Wood Fired Pizza. Their slogan is “Traditional Italian, contemporary taste.” Some of the best pizza we’ve ever had, highly recommend.


We decided to see Albert Falls, Thomas, WV which had beautiful turquoise water and vibrant orange and white rocks. The water in the area had been contaminated by the historic mines in the area but West Virginia is working hard to purify it. Before you get to Albert Falls you’ll pass through too many old coke ovens to count, all falling apart and being taken over by nature. The old coke ovens also caused a great deal of pollution in the area. Past Albert Falls are Douglas Falls, a much taller waterfall, which were very easy to get to is Kennedy Falls, also tall but very challenging to get to the top and downright dangerous to reach the bottom.


difficulty: 7

The Inn at Cannan, Davis, WV. You can tell the people that run this hotel really want you to have a great experience here. The hotel flyer tells you about activities in the area and one of the winter activities offered is a a sleigh ride. I want to come back for a sleigh ride and to try skiing.

Price: $145/night.


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