Day 10: Did Someone Say Donuts?


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Fresh donuts at Mountain Fresh Grocery

The lightest, fluffiest, freshest donuts I’ve ever had. We also picked up Mountain Fresh Kitchen Sink Bread Pudding (croissants, apple tunover, cherry turnover, apple fritter, cheese danish, fruit danish, glazed donuts, assorted donuts, heavy cream, sugar, eggs, vanilla, cinnamon, nutmeg) so that we could try a local specialty for dessert tonight.


Highlands Outpost – Mountain Coaster

First ride average speed Vanessa – 9.97 mph, Chris 17.67 mph. 2nd ride we went together at 18.96 mph (so fast!). The best mountain coaster we’ve ever been on!


Secret Falls Trailhead. (50′ falls) 1.3 miles out and back, 255 elevation gain.

Google will take you right to the trailhead. This not so secret trail had pretty high traffic by the time we got there in the afternoon. Beautiful falls with a nice swimming hole.


difficulty: 6.5

Reclamations (Antiques Shop)

Lots of cool but spendy finds.


Homemade chili with molasses and raisin brown bread we brought with us for an early dinner at the AirBnB.

Back out to shoot some hoops and check out some of the amenities the rental offers including a pool, slope side restaurant, mini golf, horse shoes, ping pong and an arcade.

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